Assisted Living • Alzheimer’s Care
Retirement Apartments

(559) 834-5692

1400 East Sumner Avenue
Fowler, CA 93625
DSS License # 107200939

Assisted Living • Alzheimer’s Care • Retirement Apartments

(559) 834-5692

1400 E Sumner Ave, Fowler, CA 93625 | DSS License # 107200939

Remember the warmth and charm of small town America...tree-lined streets...the hourly chimes of a nearby church bell...friendly businesses along the main shopping avenue...the echoes of a passing train whistle in the middle of the night.

Couple these attributes of small town life with the reassurance of "metropolitan" services like hospitals, shopping, restaurants and theaters only minutes away, and one finds Fowler on the map, in the heart of California's great Central Valley.


And now Fowler becomes the perfect place to "return home to" when the need arises for a quality assisted living residence.


Professionally Managed and Operated by Trinity Retirement Services, Inc.