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When Should You Consider Assisted Living? Caregivers do everything in their power to make sure their loved one gets the care they need. However, the average person is unequipped to handle some of the challenges that can come with age. Eventually, you may need to turn to assisted living. Many seniors blanch at the thought… Read more.

The Harvest Parade Amidst all of the frightening news that most of the world is seeing right now, we bring to you – #somegoodnews – and we hope that this video will bring some joy to you as it did to us. Special thanks to our wonderful Harvest staff for organizing this drive-thru parade. Thank… Read more.

COVID-19 update Due to the pandemic that we recently all have been affected by, it is our first priority to ensure the safety of your loved ones who are currently residing with us. We are strictly adhering to all of the rules and regulations from CCL and the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)… Read more.

8 Bathing Tips for Dementia Residents As caregivers we come across many daily tasks that are difficult to overcome when caring for the elderly, especially those who suffer from Alzheimers Dementia and other Dementia related illnesses. Among those challenges there is one that seems to be the most prevalent, which is bathing. Residents with Dementia… Read more.